oneNavがSpirent GNSSシミュレーターを選定


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oneNav, a leader in high-performance positioning technologies, has developed the pureL5 receiver design to capitalize on the signals of the world's GNSS satellites. This innovation allows for a reduction of RF front-end components in comparison to hybrid L1/L5 solutions, resulting in more compact and energy-efficient positioning engines. Spirent's GSS7000 GNSS simulator played a crucial role in the development process, assisting oneNav in streamlining testing and assurance for their pureL5 receiver.

Headquartered in Silicon Valley, California, oneNav is focused on creating the next-generation pureL5 GNSS receiver for smartphones, wearables, and tracking devices. The company has a team of 45 experts with decades of GNSS and mobile industry experience, including professionals from Qualcomm, Apple, Intel, and other leading organizations. 

The demand for accurate positioning systems is growing rapidly, driven by the proliferation of autonomous cars, drones, and augmented reality devices. oneNav's pureL5 receiver is at the forefront of powering high-performance positioning for location-dependent mobile services. By directly acquiring and tracking L5 signals from various GNSS constellations (GPS, Galileo, BeiDou, QZSS, and GLONASS) without relying on L1 aiding, the pureL5 design allows mobile device manufacturers to create smaller, lighter, and more power-efficient devices. 

The pureL5 digital IP core employs a massively parallel array processor, enabling it to search the entire 1 millisecond L5 code space in parallel, resulting in a 1-second Time To First Fix (TTFF). Furthermore, in a 3nm semiconductor process, the core occupies only 0.28mm² and consumes 4.7mW of power in 1Hz tracking mode. 

Spirent's GSS7000 GNSS simulator, powered by SimGEN®, was a vital tool for oneNav in the development and testing of their pureL5 receiver. The GSS7000 provides support for an extensive range of constellation configurations, from GPS L1 C/A to multi-GNSS and multi-frequency systems. Its flexibility, including the capability for enabling differential-GNSS, interference/jamming, and spoofing testing, made it a top choice for oneNav's needs. 

By utilizing Spirent's GNSS simulator and expert assistance, oneNav streamlined their testing processes and ensured the reliability and performance of their pureL5 receiver. The collaboration between oneNav and Spirent has allowed for the creation of cutting-edge positioning technology, enabling the next generation of smartphones, wearables, and trackers to deliver exceptional accuracy and efficiency.