IoT in Agriculture

How one farmer slashed water consumption by 75% at connected avocado farm


It takes 74 gallons of water to produce one pound of avocados and drought-stricken California produces 95 percent of avocados grown in the United States.

California avocado farmer Kurt Bantle decided to experiment with Internet of Things (IoT) connected technology to see if costly water consumption could be reduced in growing his 900 avocado trees.

He divided his farm into 22 irrigation blocks and inserted two soil moisture measurement units into each block. All soil moisture data is collected from the avocado trees into a cloud, and when a tree needs to be watered, the solution turns the sprinklers on automatically.

Download the full case study now to learn:

  • How the technology led to a 75% reduction in water costs

  • What the hardware cost to implement, and how long it took to recover the investment

  • Why the farmer was placed under state surveillance