A CLEAR Perspective on Continuous Testing


Having an informed understanding of the challenges faced is critical for organizations that are looking to implement DevOps. A common area that often doesn’t receive the attention required causing redesign later is Continuous Testing. Only through the use of Best Practices approach in providing Continuous Testing are organizations able to fully achieve the benefits of DevOps.

This e-book provides a collection of topics that will help individuals learning about DevOps and the importance of Continuous Testing. Every organization is unique in actual implementation but all share similar challenges. Each section focuses on addressing specific concerns and provides guidance on what to consider.

Topics covered:

  • Advantages of Continuous Testing

  • Longevity Test Anti-patterns & Continuous Testing 

  • Accelerated Continuous Testing Strategies

  • Test Results Analysis at DevOps Speed 

  • Continuous Testing System Stability

  • Affordable Security Assurance with DevOps