An Introduction to Testing Navigation and Positioning Performance in Drones

A Spirent eBook for Test Engineers and R&D Teams


The use of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) is starting to take off in commercial and military sectors.

The potential applications of UAVs are many – including survey, mapping, media reporting, delivery, reconnaissance, conservation and search & rescue. What's more, in some cases the cost of using UAVs has been found to be up to 98.8% cheaper than manned aircraft.

But it is still early days, and for designers and developers of UAVs, there are many challenges in bringing viable models to market and putting them to work.

This eBook looks at those challenges and sets out the main positioning and navigation considerations that UAV test teams should incorporate into their test regime.

In it you'll find the following:

  • GNSS/GPS performance considerations - how to evaluate positioning capabilities of UAVs

  • UAV design considerations, including where GNSS receivers should be placed, the type of antenna needed and more

  • Which environmental/external factors need to be considered, such as wind, temperature and multipath effects

  • Compliance considerations