Spirent Cloud-Native Infrastructure Performance Validation Solution

Validate, optimize and troubleshoot cloud-native infrastructures

In the new, highly dynamic cloud-native world, Spirent delivers a comprehensive, end-to-end test solution dedicated to validating cloud infrastructure performance, scale, and resiliency. This unique solution combines Spirent CloudSure and CyberFlood applications enabling network equipment vendors, service providers and enterprises verify their Kubernetes cloud-native infrastructures, network functions and services like ingress controller are ready to deliver and maintain required performance and resiliency.

CloudSure enables users to deterministically exercise the built-in resiliency and self-healing capabilities of cloud-native networks with its real-world cloud impairments. Combined with the realistic and scalable application traffic emulation of CyberFlood, users can characterize the impact of cloud degradations introduced by CloudSure impairments, on performance, Quality of Experience (QoE), and robustness of cloud-native infrastructure and network functions (CNFs).

Spirent solutions will help maximize profitability by right sizing the infrastructure spend, reducing the number of unplanned operational issues and cost to address them.

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