Spirent Journal of IEEE 802.3ba 40/100 Gbps Ethernet PASS Test Methodologies

Core networking applications have demonstrated the need for bandwidth beyond existing capabilities and beyond the projected bandwidth requirements for computing applications. Switching, routing, and aggregation in data centers, in terabit exchanges and service provider peering points, and high bandwidth applications such as video on demand and high performance computing, need a 40/100 Gbps Ethernet interface. The need for 40/100 Gbps Ethernet at the core of the network initially, extending to the edge eventually, is driven by many factors, including elimination of aggregation protocols, bandwidth growth at the edge of the network, and the rise of for-pay services like HD IPTV, VoIP, cloud computing, and cloud storage. The 40/100 Gbps delivery test requirements are different than previous 1 Gbps and 10 Gbps because of the strong emphasis placed on QoS/CoS, realism, stacked protocols, and multiplay services over 40/100 Gbps. This journal presents a comprehensive set of test cases to measure PASS of the Device Under Test (DUT).