O-RAN E2Eテスト

Spirentは、実際のまたはエミュレートされたUEを用いて機能、相互運用、パフォーマンス、準拠のテストを可能にする、エンドツーエンドのOpen RANテストソリューションを実演します。このデモはソリューションのアーキテクチャを紹介し、インターフェース、レポート機能、性能の概要をお見せします。

An Open RAN (O-RAN) environment allows network operators to break apart the radio, distributed, and centralized units, providing freedom of choice to select the best-of-breed vendors for the various components, creating a more price-competitive environment and promising enhanced service delivery, supporting new network architectures like 5G and beyond. But, this open environment also creates a new set of challenges. Testing this environment requires a new approach to ensure the interoperability of a complex, always-evolving, multi-vendor setup. Meet strict, carrier grade performance requirements for field readiness and support the goals of more cost-effective, price-competitive business models.