The Elementary Key to Delivering Great Customer Experiences


Customer expectations for quality digital experiences are rapidly increasing. With the breadth of choices on the market today and cost structures nearly at parity, customers will migrate to those vendors that provide the best overall customer experiences. Mobile carriers are no longer the only option for services, with growing numbers of Over-the-Top providers such as Amazon, Netflix, and WeChat blurring the lines for content distribution and communication. All these organizations need to be keenly aware of the changing landscape and the keys to capturing and maintaining their customer base through delivering a superior quality of experience.

Watch Spirent’s webinar featuring our guest speaker from Forrester Research, Principal Analyst Dan Bieler, as we cover:

  • The breadth of customer experience touchpoints in the digital world and how expectations are growing

  • How customer journey mapping is central for customer experience management

  • The evolution of testing and the extent of stakeholders needed to define and ensure great customer experiences