ETSI NFV Testing - From Lab to Live


NFV implementations present new challenges for network operators driven by the increased flexibility and speed of software changes compared to more rigid hardware-based network elements. NFV network operators require test and measurement solutions to support “pre-deployment”, “during deployment” and “post-deployment” operations that need to be as agile, and as interconnected as the NFV implementation itself.

Recently published ETSI standards specify NFV test and measurement requirements:

  • ETSI-NFV-TST-001 “Pre-Deployment Testing”

  • ETSI-NFV-REL-004 “Active Monitoring and Failure Detections”

These pre-deployment and post-deployment test scenarios are ideal candidates for test automation investment allowing operators to compare, tune, and regress their NFV implementations. It becomes essential to build an NFV automation framework that can support both phases of testing and leverage automation re-use as frequently as possible.

This on-demand webinar reveals the concepts behind the ETSI pre and post deployment test scenarios and explores the opportunities for test automation in that domain. Today, many savvy operators are leveraging automation re-use as they transition from lab to live environments. However, that goal cannot become reality without an appropriate test framework that supports this case along with automation assets built on an abstraction layer.

Access the recording now to learn:

  • How operators are building flexible test automation infrastructures that meet the challenges of pre-deployment and post-deployment NFV testing

  • How operators maximize their ROI in test automation investment


Clark Whitty

With over 20 years of experience in the test and measurement industry, Clark Whitty is a seasoned veteran in helping maximize productivity of testers throughout the entire product lifecycle. As a Solution Architect within the Automation Platforms Technologies business unit of Spirent Communications, Clark designs, develops and deploys automation based offerings that leverage his years of firsthand experience. Clark is also an expert at service providers and equipment manufacturers in various capacities including customer POC testing, certification testing, lab design and test automation.