Universities around the globe are actively engaged in researching and developing technology and commercial applications for the new, emerging telecommunications standards and capabilities of 5G. Aside from the quest for knowledge itself, these institutions of higher learning have much to gain for themselves and their students and for businesses and consumers everywhere.

The transition to 5G, which is well under way, is enabling a new world of wider communications applications to rapidly unfold. Universities, with their access to emerging and top tier STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) talent, are exceedingly well-positioned to lead this innovation charge now and into the future.

Academic renown, riches, and prestigious partnerships await the research team or program that creates a world-advancing 5G solution. Substantial benefits, too, can be realized from employing 5G to improve on-campus communications and advance educational initiatives such as remote learning.

At the heart of this opportunity is the use of advanced testing and service assurance technologies helping universities:

  • Establish leadership in 5G research and teaching through cutting edge 5G emulation, automation, test tools and methodologies.

  • Build financial sustainability by helping qualify and bid for public sector funding and investment.

  • Attract world-class partners from the private sector through joint innovation focused on future 5G-enabled industries.

  • Develop commercial opportunities through joint innovation and IPR development.

In addition, these real-world, advanced testing and assurance techniques can become important educational assets for integration into a university’s teaching curriculum to further enhance student learning and career development.

The potential of 5G lies in its ability to create interconnected, communications ecosystems that are defined and shaped through focused innovation. Recognizing the vast enormity of this opportunity, it’s no secret that universities around the world are moving fast to secure a pivotal and profitable role in developing and applying the new technology.