Automation—The Quantum Leap in Network Testing

Organizations face big questions when considering the adoption of a test or lab automation initiative. Will it deliver the planned ROI?

Spirent’s white paper _Automation—The Quantum Leap in Network Testing_ provides in-depth findings from two real-world case studies which outline test automation challenges, as well as solutions and results which provide critical insight into the quantifiable benefits of network test automation solutions when they are delivered by the right qualified team.

Learn more about the life cycle of test automation solutions, including:

  • Network equipment manufacturer and service provider case studies

  • The challenges, solutions, benefits and investment returns on the solutions

  • ROI solution data

  • Test automation adoption planning best practices

  • Guidelines for selecting a test automation partner

Download the white paper and gain detailed insights into where forward-looking organizations gained decisive advantages in the marketplace with their adoption of network test automation solutions delivered by experts.