BYOD: The Hidden Threat


According to a 2013 Ovum employee study, more than 60% of employees bring their own devices to work (e.g., smartphones, tablets, personal laptops) and access corporate resources with them regardless of corporate policies.

The study revealed that:

  • 67.8% of employees who own smartphones bring them to work

  • 15.4% do so without the IT department’s knowledge

  • 20.9% in spite of a published anti-BYOD policy

And these employees regularly download mobile apps with little thought to potential security implications. From the corporate IT perspective, this means hundreds or thousands of unauthorized devices inside the organization—running unvetted code of unknown quality or intent—have access to the corporate network.

The white paper covers:

  • The Traditional Approach to Network Security

  • The New Enterprise Network Landscape

  • The Cybercrime Industry

  • Selecting a Test Solution

Test your BYOD policy with CyberFlood:

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