China Unicom NFV Virtualization Middleware


Virtualization is an important technology enabler for NFV (Network Function Virtualization), allowing standardized general-purpose hardware equipment to provide unified interfaces and environments to the upper layer. Virtualization middleware runs between general-purpose hardware equipment and applications, providing virtualization functions for physical hardware. It is used to pool computing, storage and network communication resources of physical hardware, and deliver them to applications as virtual machines and virtual networks (Virtualized Network Functions—VNF).

With the adoption of NFV technologies, some important questions need to be answered: whether virtualization middleware fits well into the NFV in the telecom industry, what specific requirements NFV has on virtualization middleware, and how can tests be performed on virtualization middleware technologies and implementations.

This white paper discusses the technical requirements of NFV on virtualization middleware, as well as related metrics and testing methodologies. It also provides an outlook for future development through a comprehensive look at the existing practices and future plans of China Unicom.