Common Causes for Test Automation Solution Failure

Organizations face big questions when considering adopting a test tool or test lab orchestration tool. Will it deliver the planned ROI? Will it be easy to implement? Will it work?

With Spirent’s expert root cause analysis (RCA) perspective on what works—and what doesn’t work in testbed orchestration and lab automation—three categories have been identified where most solutions often fail: Process, Technology and People.

Learn more about the critical factors causing solution failure:


  • Inadequate solution scoping

  • Fragmentary institutionalization


  • Improper tool utilization

  • Conflicting ad hoc solutions


  • No solution champion

  • Uncommitted stakeholders

  • Resistant participants

Download the white paper and gain detailed insights into where unsuccessful change management led to solution failure. You will discover proactive strategies to avoid common pitfalls, as well as tips and guidelines for optimizing a software test automation solution implementation with the right test orchestration tool, so you can take control of your lab environment with easy-to-use topology management and automation. Take control of the cloud.