Lab Administration Automation Applications

Lab administrators must perform many tasks to support their parent organization, lab users, and operational requirements of the lab. Automation is a great way for lab administrators to get tasks done efficiently, quickly, accurately and consistently. Each administration automation project can be considered a separate application. This paper is a catalogue of lab applications which can be automated for the benefit of lab users, administrators and the entire organization.

This Lab Administration Automation Applications white paper applies to a wide variety of lab types, lab administration processes and resource types including:

  • Labs which are single special-purpose labs such as:

    • Ideation labs used by engineers and scientists for research

    • Development labs used by development and QA staff for testing of new and changed products and services

    • Production labs used by manufacturing

    • Deployment labs used by new product release introduction.

    • Support labs used by customer support and sales staff and customers

  • Multi-purpose self-service labs shared by large diverse groups of users and uses

  • Labs that are hosted in any facilities whether they are private labs, data-center facilities, or any form of private/public/hybrid cloud, or a mixture of those facilities

  • Labs with resources that are physical, virtualized or a mixture of physical or virtualized