Owning the Customer Experience

Best Practices for Assuring Next Gen Home and Business Services


There’s a growing excitement in our industry. We hear it from our customers that provide business Ethernet and mobile backhaul services as they explain how the explosive growth of data is driving an insatiable demand for more bandwidth. We see it as we accompany Multiple System Provider (MSO) and satellite provider technicians to install next-gen in-home networks that eclipse the simple video delivery networks of the past. And we can feel it at events like the Cable-Tec Expo where service providers and infrastructure vendors alike are buzzing with talk of voice and video over Wi-Fi, Multimedia over Coax Alliance (MoCA) technology, converged IP networks and virtualization.

This paper explores some of the key challenges the industry faces to assure the quality of next-gen services like voice and video over Wi-Fi as well as traditional services like business Ethernet and mobile backhaul. It explains how mature service assurance practices, such as automation and the use of virtualized probes, address these challenges and it will also provide some specific best practice recommendations. Lastly, real-world examples of these best practices in action will be presented and as well as the actual benefits experienced.