Lessons Learned from Early NFV Deployments


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Want to learn more about the critical challenges that pioneers of Network Function Virtualization (NFV) have encountered in early deployments? Based on our work with leading providers on the cutting edge of NFV adoption, we’ve got a unique perspective on these challenges including the need to break down barriers between development and operations groups and best practices for automating testing and assurance across the entire service lifecycle.

Here are some recommendations for expanding your knowledge of NFV deployment challenges and lessons learned based on recent Spirent webinars, whitepapers, industry group presentations and more:

  1. Attend our joint webinars with top industry analysts: Spirent experts team up with leading analysts from IHS Markit and Analysys Mason to discuss the critical challenges of virtualization and how DevOps-based principles can be applied to address these (watch the webinars on-demand at: IHS webinar and Analysys Mason webinar).

  2. Read our latest whitepapers on Transforming for NFV: Our new two-part whitepaper provides a deeper dive into the virtualization challenges discussed in our webinars and details best practices for automating testing and assurance across the service lifecycle. Download the whitepaper at:

    Transforming for NFV, part 1


    Transforming for NFV, part 2.

  3. Watch an interview with Dave Stehlin at TIA’s Connectivity Jam: Dave Stehlin, general manager of Spirent’s Lifecycle Service Assurance segment, speaks with TIA NOW about the transition from traditional to virtual networks at TIA’s Connectivity Jam in Dallas:


  4. Read about our TM Forum catalyst project: Spirent is collaborating with Huawei, IBM, Tech Mahindra and Infosys as part of an NFV proof of concept project called Joint Agile Delivery, sponsored by AT&T, Orange and Telecom Italia. The project recently received the Outstanding Use of TM Forum Assets Award at TM Forum Live! 2017. To learn more please visit:  


  5. Visit our new Lifecycle Service Assurance (LSA) web page: Check out our newly updated LSA web page to learn how providers are leveraging NFV technology to automate testing and assurance across the service lifecycle. Here you can find a video and other collateral introducing  Spirent VisionWorks, a modular product for delivering solutions based on LSA principles.

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Jeff Atkins
Jeff Atkins

Jeff Atkins is the Director of Marketing for the Service Experience business unit. Prior to joining Spirent, Jeff was at Metrico Wireless where he was responsible for international business development in the Asia-Pacific and CALA regions. With 20 years experience in the networking space, Jeff has held product management, technical sales and CTO positions.