Take the Complexity Out of Network and Cloud Validation with Spirent AION

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Take the Complexity Out of Network and Cloud Validation with Spirent AION

Take the complexity out of network and cloud validation to drive innovation and accelerate next-generation technology deployments. Learn how the new Spirent AION unified delivery platform is providing ultimate flexibility, improved deployment and provisioning to help validate next-generation network and Cloud infrastructure, applications and services.

It is crucial for your network to be always-on. Your transformation journey towards Cloud is underway. Expectations are high not only to show the effectiveness of latest technology rollouts like 5G, Software-defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN), and Secure Access Service Edge (SASE), but also to keep up with increasing bandwidth requirements, edge computing demands, security threats and vulnerabilities.

Validating next-generation network and Cloud

The recently launched Spirent AION is a purpose-built platform to help validate next-generation network and Cloud infrastructure, applications and services, powered by smart traffic, real-time analysis, intelligent results and pro-active troubleshooting.

AION takes the complexity out of network and Cloud validation by providing a simple and turn-key out-of-box experience via a central management hub for improved deployment and provisioning for users’ testing needs.

Simplify. Scale. Service.

Spirent AION web interface provides fast and flexible deployment experience and administration of users, workspaces, test endpoints, license entitlements and web applications. It enables users to auto-discover endpoints and turn-up their test environments in matter of minutes, not days.

We understand the challenges of keeping up with testing environments and matching to any given customer environment on account of rapidly changing requirements. AION provides dynamic scalability of test infrastructure so you can easily replicate customer’s lab or live network conditions for real-time troubleshooting.

Benefit from enhanced serviceability and troubleshooting via cloud-deployable licensing with Spirent-hosted or on-premise options. In addition, the platform-agnostic architecture of AION makes it easy to deploy test infrastructure in any public, private, or hybrid cloud environments.

Spirent AION

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Stay tuned for additional tips for transforming your experience with test infrastructure to help accelerate next-generation network and Cloud deployments with ease and improve time to market for everyone—operators, device makers, and network equipment providers alike.

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Malathi Malla
Malathi Malla

Malathi Malla leads Cloud, Data Center and Virtualization segment for Spirent. Responsible for the Product Marketing, Technical Marketing, and Product Management, she drives go-to-market strategy across Cloud and IP solutions. She has over 14 years of hi-tech experience at both Silicon Valley start-ups and large companies including Citrix, IBM, Sterling Commerce (software division of AT&T), Comergent Technologies. Malathi also represents Spirent as Marketing prime through various open source communities like Open Networking Foundation and OpenDayLight. Join the conversation and connect with Malathi on LinkedIn or follow on her on Twitter at @malathimalla.