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The Evolution of the Automotive Industry

The Evolution of the Automotive Industry


2018 was off to a great start with the annual Automotive Ethernet Congress in Munich, with more than 900 attendees from around the world. In my opinion, this event is the most significant and relevant Automotive Industry conference on Ethernet, IP-Protocols, AVB/TSN and Security worldwide.

Besides the record number of attendees, there was another peak at close to 50 industry exhibitors showing their latest innovations and tools around Automotive Ethernet standards. Through my various discussions with customers, attendees and industry leaders confirmed my belief that the Automotive industry is transforming into a high-speed data transmission and data computing industry.

New Vehicle with 10 Gigabit Ethernet

Following last year’s release of 1 Gigabit Ethernet for the Automotive Industry (1000Base-T1), I now heard confirmation of a new series of vehicle with 10 Gigabit Ethernet being deployed on the roads by 2019. That was much earlier than I expected. However, the downside of this rapid adoption of new speeds is that deice manufactures are facing complex challenges validating such leading-edge components. I talked to the supplier of this 10 Gigabit device, and they mentioned having “tested” it back-to-back with another one of their devices and a software traffic generator. However, further testing will be necessary for such testing high-speed Ethernet devices.


Spirent Ethernet Test Solutions Help Validate Devices

That is why companies like the one I am working for will be so important for the Automotive Industry. We provide solutions to enable Automotive Ethernet suppliers to validate their new devices, just as we are doing for service providers and network equipment manufacturers in the Telecom and IT sector.

With our advanced Automotive test solutions, vendors can ensure that their latest components are performing at high speed, with low latency, zero packet loss, and the highest reliability. Spirent provides solutions to test for compliance to standards including AUTOSAR, OPEN TC8/TC11, Avnu, and TSN on all Ethernet standards like 100/1000Base-T1, 10/100/1000Base-T, NBASE-T (2.5G & 5G), 10GBASE-X, and even 40GBASE-X. We help simplify their testing through automation and the latest test methodologies.

Automotive Ethernet Training Seminars


A lot of engineers are looking for training in the basics of Automotive Ethernet. During my “In-house OPEN-TC8 testing” workshop at the Automotive Ethernet Congress, I noticed that a surprising 70% of the 40 attendees have not heard a lot about the OSI-Layer model and protocol functionalities beforehand. Also, the basics of switching/bridging was new topic to the majority of the participants.

To help bridge this gap, Spirent is conducting a series of free technology seminars worldwide to teach those interested about the basics of Automotive Ethernet and the latest on Ethernet/IP and switching/bridging technologies.

To learn more, please visit our website or contact us for the latest technology seminars near you.

Also read our article on how to “Guarantee safety and performance by testing the Ethernet network system in the car with time-sensitive networking”.




Thomas Schulze
Thomas Schulze

Director Business Development – Spirent Automotive & Conformance Test Solutions

Thomas Schulze has got over 15 years of professional experience in Telecom & IT testing. He gained extensive knowledge in the field of Ethernet, PDH/SDH, ISDN, and the various protocols of transmission technology while leading the Test & Measurement Group of the Telco provider EWE TEL for many years. In the beginning of his career, Mr. Schulze was working as a Sales Engineer for Network Instruments, a renowned vendor of network performance management solutions. In 2011, Thomas joined Spirent Communications, the leading provider of test and measurement solutions for Ethernet, Cellular and Positioning Networks. Within the first 4 years, he supported the establishment of an Automotive strategy as a member of the Business Development team. In 2014, Thomas Schulze became director of Spirent’s department Business Development for the Automotive and Conformance Test Solutions. Since then, he has been working on the introduction of advanced test and measurement equipment for in-vehicle networks, V2X communication, Internet of Things, Telematics, Security and Infotainment.