ADAS and Autonomous Vehicle Technology Expo 2022

2022年6月21日(火) - 2022年6月23日(木)
ADAS 2022

ADAS & Autonomous Vehicle Technology Expo returns to Stuttgart, Germany – Europe’s hub for automotive innovation, research and development – from June 21, 22, 23, 2022!

Spirent will showcase the latest technologies to enable and accelerate end-to-end autonomous and ADAS applications, including testing tools, simulation, software, sensing and AI.

You can also benefit by networking with international delegates and speakers from the adjoining autonomous vehicle technology conferences.

Speaking Session

Date: Thursday, 23 June
Session Time: 11:35 - 16:55 (exact time tbc)
Session Title: Challenges of testing the connected automated/autonomous vehicle – a holistic approach
Session overview:
The connected automated vehicle (CAV) is a system of systems combining a wide variety of wired and wireless communication technologies with different types of sensors to provide advanced applications for enhancing driving comfort and safety for vehicle owners and other road traffic participants. This presentation will discuss the key challenges facing the automotive industry in testing the CAV, along with some potential methods and tools for a holistic approach to addressing those challenges.
Speaker: Dr Alain Vouffo, Senior Product Manager Automotive, Spirent Communications


Stuttgart, Germany

21-23 June

Spirent booth AV6206

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Featured Speaker

Alain Vouffo

Alain Vouffo

Senior Product Manager Automotive