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This newsletter archive provides latest cybersecurity test and validation tips and insights. It is complemented quarterly with new editions that help you stay up to date with best practices, testing strategies, and validation tips to ensure your network architecture is secure and you stay a step ahead of danger.

Insights from our experts into network performance and security validation will help you tame the complexity and proactively address vulnerabilities, thus protect users against the latest security threats.

The increasing cybersecurity complexity is creating new risks every day, which can seem overwhelming to keep pace with. How do you ensure the right balance between security and performance that users demand? Having the right network security testing strategy from the start can be the key to go-to-market success.

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Even though cybersecurity threats keep changing, there is one partner that continues to deliver what digital businesses need most right now: trust. Do you have the confidence to innovate, full speed ahead? Are you able to tame the complexities of cybersecurity, mitigate risks, and maximize the resiliency of your networks?

Get that confidence and test your security devices and solutions with Spirent’s test portfolio. Because validating that network services are secure and perform as expected in real-world production environments doesn’t have to be so complicated. Spirent gives you access to on-demand, accurate, realistic test and validation solutions with tangible metrics about the performance and resilience of the test environment, including SD-WAN, SASE, Zero Trust, 5G, and more.

Visit our Cybersecurity Test & Assurance page to learn how to ensure your security devices and solutions conform to relevant industry standards and specifications by utilizing tens of thousands of up-to-date application, attack, and malware scenarios to verify and analyze network security.