High-Speed Ethernet Newsletter November 2023


Your guide to best practices and the latest technology from Spirent to test and assure tomorrow’s devices and networks.


Surveying the State of 800G: Key Questions Start Getting Answers

800G technology is no longer theoretical. Learn about the latest advancements and how 800G is poised to rewrite the rules for the world’s most in-demand networks – potentially even sooner than anticipated via this guest article in The Fast Mode.

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AI Demands New Approaches to Network Design and Testing

For large network operators the list of new technology trends just keeps growing. Another massive trend building on the horizon is Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (AI/ML). Learn about the unique challenges and testing strategies required for the new generation of AI applications and related workloads in this guest article in Pipeline Magazine.

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Spirent and Cadence Collaborate on Advanced Chipset Testing

Spirent and Cadence collaboration delivers a joint networking system-on-chip (SoC) verification solution that bridges the gap between pre-silicon and post-silicon verification. The joint solution accelerates silicon development time to market to enable the latest industry innovations.

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The Impact of AI Workloads on Modern Data Center Networks

Hear data center networking experts Sameh Boujelbene (Dell'Oro Group), and Aniket Khosla (Spirent), as they examine the impact of AI workloads, explain why adoption of high-speed Ethernet in data centers is surging, and discuss how to ensure HSE infrastructure will meet new demands.

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