Globetouch Chooses Tweakker to Improve On-Boarding Mobile Services for Global MVNO Providers

Crawley, UK,  23 March, 2016: Spirent Communications plc (LSE: SPT) announced today that its Tweakker device intelligence solution has been selected by mobile virtual network enabler (MVNE) Globetouch to provide cloud connectivity services to end-users of its global network of mobile virtual network operators (MVNOs).

By offering Tweakker’s cloud services to MVNO customers in over 100 countries and embedding them on MVNO websites, local care centres have the tools to on-board new users onto a network in the shortest timeframe, leading to earlier revenue generation and lower operational care costs.

Globetouch offers mobile services and packages to MVNOs, device distributors, enterprises and machine-to-machine (M2M) service providers and uses superior mobile connectivity to improve customer loyalty and satisfaction.

“Globetouch has the vision to build the most advanced cloud-based mobile ecosystem for MVNOs world-wide and this service agreement with Tweakker enables us to offer the one missing piece in the perfect cloud solution for provisioning data services,” said Ori Sasson, Chief Executive Officer of Globetouch. “MVNOs now have the most effective end-to-end connectivity platform for on-boarding users of region-specific and well-known devices alike and we expect local care operations to slash some 90% of costs usually associated with connectivity care as a result.”

“Tweakker is delighted to enter into this service agreement with Globetouch and to help it to achieve its compelling vision of a one-platform cloud mobile ecosystem for MVNOs worldwide” said Tweakker’s Chief Sales Officer, Magnus Petersen. “In this always-connected era, every minute counts and on-boarding customers quickly is increasingly important for new revenue streams.”

With Tweakker’s self-care platform cloud-embedded on local MVNO websites, end users can effortlessly enable data services on their phones. Based on handset capabilities, the right settings are sent over the air within seconds or displayed as step-by-step guidelines. Alternatively, if a customer chooses to call a care centre for connectivity support, agents can reference Tweakker’s data setting platform.

Importantly, with iPhones being unable to support over-the-air (OTA) set up, Tweakker will provide Globetouch with a dedicated  iOS application to configure these devices. By accessing the app, iPhone users will have their phone configured automatically within minutes.

Through Tweakker’s device library, MVNOs can tap into the world’s richest and most accurate device capability data, with over 150 data points per device, to enrich their subscriber insight for marketing and business decision purposes.



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