New MVNO tool to automate customer engagement services

Crawley, UK, 8 November, 2016: Spirent Communications plc (LSE: SPT) today announced that its Tweakker device intelligence solution now features the industry’s first context-aware customer engagement automation tool for mobile virtual network operators (MVNOs). The tool helps MVNOs to better engage with customers during the subscription life-cycle and to upsell profitable add-on services.

MVNOs can use the tool to promote new services, increase consumption of existing services, provide pro-active help in problem situations or to send personalized information messages. It also allows MVNOs to customize the service with their own brands, and to run it as a continuous and automated cloud process without human intervention.

The solution automatically detects different events, such as a new customer joining a network or when a new handset is detected, and can then execute customer engagement actions in real-time. The tool provides a graphical engagement orchestration wizard through which MVNOs create customized ways to engage with their customers.

“The MVNO world needs to move from unsustainable customer acquisition optimized market strategies and building brand loyalty is the start point,” says Magnus Møller Petersen, VP of Sales for Spirent’s Tweakker device intelligence solution. “Tweakker’s Advanced Customer Onboarding tool is the fast track for MVNOs to increase customer lifetime value through add-on sales conversions and extended customer life cycle. MVNOs can now bin their bulk-SMS campaign tools for a smart and context-aware engagement tool straight from the Tweakker cloud on a pure pay-as-you-grow monthly fee.”

MVNOs are outperforming mobile network operators when it comes to subscriptions growth. According to Ovum research, MVNOs grow their subscriber base by 8% per annum whereas MNOs achieve barely 2%. Their superior customer acquisition ability is largely based on low-price introductory services and customer segmentation. According to global analysts Telesperience in its MVNO Market Review 2015 – 2016, 50% of MVNOs consider low-price as their go-to-market strategy.

A low-price strategy is a good approach for mass customer acquisition, but can be harder to sustain in the long term and is one of the fundamental reasons that MVNOs fail. After inserting a SIM card to his or her device, the user forgets the MVNO, enjoys cheap services during the contracted period, and then switches to an alternative network provider offering the next low-cost deal when the contract period expires.

Tweakker’s connectivity solutions are used by more than 80 MVNO businesses around the globe. Research shows that the first 90 days after a new customer is on-boarded is critical in the subscriber life-cycle. This is the period that service providers like MVNOs must build brand loyalty, increase service consumption and upsell new services to add revenue to the subscription and to retain customers beyond the contracted period. Studies show that the likelihood of successful customer engagement decreases dramatically after the 90 day period.

During the first 90 days, customers have to be re-assured that they have chosen the best possible network provider. The process starts with a flawless customer welcome experience followed by a great customer care experience. If new customers are engaged at the right moments and with relevant messages, the likelihood of gaining and maintaining their loyalty throughout the customer life-cycle is high.

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