Spirent Expands User Experience Evaluation Ecosystem to Mobile Operators and Manufacturers in Asia Pacific

Sunnyvale, Calif. – May 18, 2015 – Spirent Communications, the leader in user experience solutions for evaluating any IP-based device or service, has extended its Fit4Launch program for improving the mobile user experience to the Asia-Pacific region. Fit4Launch, adopted by four of the top five mobile operators in the US, enables operators and their device supplier ecosystems to collaborate to measurably improve the user experience of voice, data and video services. Spirent has made a multi-million dollar investment to support the extension, including deployment of a new Fit4Launch Lab in Beijing and an on-going deployment of user experience servers that link to live mobile networks across the Asia-Pacific region.

For operators that subscribe to the Fit4Launch program, Spirent evaluates the user experience of each new mobile device model before it is launched. Each model is ranked relative to all previously released device models across user experience categories including speech quality, call success and retention, web browsing speed, video quality and battery life. If a device ranks poorly, the manufacturer and Spirent work together to implement and evaluate improvements. To help accelerate the improvement process, Fit4Launch includes both live network and lab-based evaluation. The lab evaluation includes detailed analyses such as speech quality by codec, noise environment and degraded channel conditions, making this data particularly useful for troubleshooting and resolution of issues.

The new Fit4Launch Lab in Spirent’s Beijing facility now enables operators and manufacturers to evaluate the user experience of the latest generation of IP-enabled services and devices, including LTE, VoLTE and IR.94 video calling services, as well as providing support for 3G voice and data technology. The facility features the full range of Spirent systems for evaluating voice, data, video and battery life and has specialized equipment for analyzing acoustic speech quality, including network emulators and specialized sound-dampened chambers. Evaluation services delivered from the new Fit4Launch Lab in Beijing will be a key element of Spirent’s overall Fit4Launch program offering in the Asia-Pacific region.

“Fit4Launch has helped multiple tier 1 operators measurably improve the user experience of their devices and services,” said Des Owens, general manager of Service Experience and Assurance at Spirent. “At one US operator, more than 15 major user experience issues were identified and fixed in pre-launch devices in just the past 12 months. At another operator, speech quality across all devices was improved by nearly 10% over a 2 year period. We’re excited to have the opportunity to help operators in Asia-Pacific achieve similar improvements backed by our new Fit4Launch Lab in Beijing. We also expect the lab to lower the cost and time to market for global device launches due to its close proximity to many manufacturers' R&D centers in Asia-Pacific.”

To learn more about Fit4Launch and Spirent’s User and Service Experience Solutions please visit http://www.spirent.com/Solutions/Service-Experience.



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