PCTEST selects Spirent MIMO OTA Test Solution

Sunnyvale, Calif. – August 12, 2015 – PCTEST, an authorized CTIA laboratory for OTA testing for leading North American wireless carriers, has expanded it’s Over the Air (OTA) testing capabilities with the addition of Spirent’s MIMO OTA solution.  The Spirent MIMO OTA solutions evaluates the performance of multiple antenna system and the interactions between these antennas, case design, RF modules, chipsets, and firmware to provide the most complete assessment of a mobile devices OTA performance.

OTA testing goes a step beyond wire-connected solutions by modeling a real-world environment to account for antenna configurations that can significantly affect a device performance, such as multi-path, angles of arrival/departure, and Doppler effects. Spirent’s MIMO OTA solution addresses these testing challenges in an anechoic chamber environment.

“Spirent’s MIMO OTA solution addresses both the requirements necessary to support our current operator acceptance needs for multiple-antenna devices, and the new standards soon to be mandated by CTIA,” said Andrea Zaworski, Lab Director at PCTEST. “With the selection of Spirent’s solution, PCTEST will continue to provide leading-edge test support for this new and complex technology area.” 

Saul Einbinder, vice president of marketing for wireless at Spirent Communications, said, “Spirent is a key player in the development of MIMO OTA testing standards by virtue of its contributions to the CTIA standards working group. Through this partnership, PCTEST has reinforced its commitment to support leading North American carriers to execute new and complex test plans on MIMO OTA.”

For more information on Spirent’s MIMO OTA solution, please visit www.spirent.com/Products/MIMO_OTA.



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